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2023.12.6wed - 12.19tue

San Bancho Gallery is pleased to present SKY's exhibition, 'REVERSIBLE'

In SKY's artworks, there exist two facets, representing the duality of experiences.

The 'front' side originated from an event in 1992 when a ship en route dropped a large number of rubber ducks into the sea. Drifting across various ocean currents, these rubber ducks eventually reached different parts of the world. This inspired SKY to explore the subsequent journeys of these rubber ducks, depicting how they, influenced by the places and times they encountered, continued to grow with the innocence of a child's heart. This series is a testament to the initial inspiration and SKY's commitment to retaining the purity of a child's heart even into adulthood.

On the 'reverse' side, the artworks delve into SKY's personal transformation. Originally holding perceptions that others were different or wrong, SKY's realization of their own change and faults served as a catalyst for this series. During childhood, SKY grappled with intense impulses, facing the challenges of acceptance from others. Reflecting on these experiences as an adult, SKY came to recognize that the issues were not external but within themselves. The central piece, 'Mirror,' portrays SKY's acknowledgement of their own uniqueness and challenges, serving as a pivotal work that confronts the artist's identity.

This exhibition explores the dual perspectives of 'front' and 'reverse,' offering a profound expression of SKY's inspirations and motivations.

Through these artworks, the audience is invited to engage with the complex interplay of personal narratives and the evolving understanding of self."




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