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Satoshi Tada

​多田 知史

Satoshi Tada, Sanbancho Gallery, sunbanchogallery



1978 Born in Yamagata City

2001 Graduated Tohoku University of Fine Arts and Technology                  Production Exhibition/Excellence Award

2005 101st Pacific Exhibition Award

            4th Shinbunsha Bunko Grand Prize Postcard Book                                         Award/Excellence Award

            Selected Contemporary Japanese artists for Germany

            exhibition(co-hosted by the International Art Council and

            CEPAL (European Art Promotion Association))

2006 The 102nd Pacific Exhibition

2007 11th Echigo Yuzawa National Children's Art Exhibition and

            Encouragement Award (Niigata Prefecture)

            103rd Pacific Exhibition Winner, Tsubaki Etsuji Prize,

            recommended by Aiyu 「Candle Village」

            The Cote d'Azur Prize for Contemporary Japanese Artist

            France (co-hosted by the International Art Council, Eagle

            de Nice)

2009 Selected as a member of the 105th Pacific Exhibition 

2010 Exhibited at Non-Life Insurance Japan Art Foundation 

2013 Spain Barcelona International Salon Gold Award

            Pacific Art Association Member Japan Artists' Federation

2019 Breakzenya Exhibition (Tokyo Daimaru)

2020 Tada Satoshi Exhibition (Dorard Gallery, Tokyo)

2021 Tada Satoshi Painting Exhibition【Dream Series】(Sendai                             Mitsukoshi)

            ART ART TOKYO (Tokyo Daimaru)

            Next Generation Art Exhibition (Kyoto Daimaru)

2022 Tada Satoshi Painting Exhibition (Tokyu Main Store)

            Contemporary Art Selection (Sapporo Daimaru)

            ART SHINSAIBASHI (Shinsaibashi Daimaru)

2023 Tada Satoshi Painting Exhibition 【Into Dreams】 (Sendai                             Mitsukoshi)


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