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Osamu Watanabe "Cream -The beginning of the world-"

2023.9.27wed - 10.10tue

"The beginning of the world may have been a sea of cream."

The main theme of this exhibition, the "Mythology Series," is inspired by world myths, exploring the origins of the world and sweets.

In Japanese mythology, there is a creation myth called "Kuni-Mi," where the world was born from a tumultuous sea. In Hinduism, there is the myth of the "Churning of the Milky Ocean," where a cream-like sea was churned to create the world.

China also has the myth of "The Creation of Heaven and Earth," where the world was initially as formless as the contents of an egg.

Drawing inspiration from myths from various countries, the idea that "the beginning of the world may have been a sea of cream" emerged, leading to this exhibition titled "The Beginning of the World and Cream."

Furthermore, there is a myth recorded in the Japanese Kojiki that Japan is the birthplace of world sweets.

In the year 61 AD, Tamadachi no Morimasa, following the order of Emperor Suinin, brought back the elixir of immortality known as "Hiyoku Koka" from the land of Tokoyo. It was represented by the tangerine tree and was highly valued as the finest confectionery of its time. Tamadachi no Morimasa, who brought back the tangerine from a distant land, came to be regarded as the "Kasokami" (the god of confectionery).

Currently, the god of confectionery is enshrined at the Nakajima Shrine in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture. Originally believed to be something brought back from the divine world, something created by the gods, confections were not initially meant for sustenance but may have been an existence transcending human time.

Subsequently, precious confections became offerings to the gods, serving as a link between gods and humans.

Like art, confections may not necessarily be essential in the realm of human sustenance. However, their existence, much like the rituals and prayers that enrich one's soul in religion, could be the utopia that various religions with strong mythological connections aspire to achieve.



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