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Kohei Omae "Flowering"

2023.9.6wed - 9.19tue

SAN BANCHO GALLERY is pleased to present "Flowering" by Kohei Omae.

Omae titled this exhibition "Flowering" because it is the first solo exhibition of his "Flower Series".

This title reflects two wishes: that each viewer's happiness will bloom, and that Omae's own abstract expression will blossom anew.

Flower Series

For Omae, flowers are an expression of happiness, and he hopes to influence the viewer's happiness through their expression.

In attempting to express happiness through abstract painting, he learned about the Unformel movement of the 1950s, and used as a reference the materials, matiere, and movements used in that movement until the painting was done.

By painting with rich colors that match the image of the flower in an abstract expression with bold matiere, he expresses happiness that does not adhere to any one fixed form.

He named these works depicting flowers the "Flower Series" and established it as one of Omae's own new ways of expression.

This exhibition suggests a new flowering of Omae's own and each person's happiness by expressing various happiness with flowers through the "Flower Series".

We hope you will enjoy Omae's view of the world of flowers overflowing with happiness.



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