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Kenta Nakajima "horizon"

2023.11.01wed - 11.14tue

At SAN BANCHO GALLERY, Kenta Nakajima's horizon will be held.

This exhibition will focus on Kenta Nakajima's "Anonymous Horizon".

"Anonymous Horizon" is a very simple composition with no motifs other than the sea and sky on the sandy beach.

Nakajima is depicted as a memory regeneration device that reminds viewers of the sea in their memories and memories by leaving room for them to imagine.

"Anonymous" means that the artist does not specify a name, but wants viewers to see it as a horizon only for themselves.

Also, the title "horizon(sealine)" rather than "horizon(skyline)" is an expression of the desire to imagine an unillustrated "horizon."

Nakajima depicts the "anonymous horizon" as a device that has the potential to unite from memory regeneration to the imagination of an invisible horizon, from the past to the future.

"This exhibition "horizon" focuses on the "anonymous horizon", and will be an exhibition of works with the potential to rediscover each viewer's memories and memories and discover new horizons."




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