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Artist New Gate ~Sanbancho Selection~ Part 1

Part1: 2024.6.1sat -6.7fri

SAN BANCHO GALLERY will be holding the "Artist New Gate ~Sanbancho Selection~" event.

SAN BANCHO GALLERY will be exhibiting and selling works by eight artists selected from the 410 applicants for the 4th annual "ARTIST NEW GATE" contest to discover young artists.

Please come and enjoy the works of artists who continue to create new art.

Yellow ground Kanoko "Garden "Early Spring"" Mineral pigments and chalk on Japanese paper 1940 x 1120mm

Yoko Tezuka "Find it" Japanese painting on hemp paper, mineral pigments, glue, origami S10

Nohara Hitoshi "New Famous Places Edo 100 Views Minowa Kanasugi Mikawa Island" Acrylic F10

Motoi Miyauchi "The Mobs [Akatsuki Pier Park]" Acrylic F20



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